Yury Zhuk

Welcome to my internet space 👋

I'm a Data Scientist / Maker / Dev based in Vienna, Austria.
This page shows what I've been up to lately and thoughts I feel are worth sharing.
Please feel free to reach out via email or Twitter if you'd like to collaborate, chat, or just for fun.
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Artificial Intelligence
Digitalizing industrial processes, reducing climate impact, improving efficiency, detecting anomalies
Building in Public
Oversharing every step, of each new project, to my Twitter followers
Lego Technic
Building what comes to my imagination. Robots. Vehicles. Remote control machines.
Making internet money, solopreneurship, SaaS, startups
Creative Coding
Exploring procedurally generated art with Processing

Recent Projects

Some of my recent interesting projects

Pemeff- Featured Shot


An AI-Assistant that gives actionable advice on how to grow your startup, based on metrics provided

Frobocode- Featured Shot


Frobocode is a an interactive text adventure course to help people learn to code in a fun way.

DailyLauncher- Featured Shot


DIY startpage builder. Keep your bookmarks beautifully organized. A browser extension built with ReactJs and Firebase

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