Pemeff will provide SaaS companies personalized advice on how to grow, powered by AI.

The name comes from Product Market Fit (p -- em - eff)

Screenshot of Pemeff landing page

The tool will use business KPIs, such as MRR, Churn, new users, social media performance, and information about the industry. Using the metrics, Pemeff will create a personalized report with specific, actionable advice.

E.g.: "Your churn has been a bit higher (5%) this month, but this is consistent with the rest of the Social Marketing industry. Here are some ideas for improving customer retention: ..."

Users will also be able to compare their performance against other companies which were recently founded (from a database of over 1000 startups). Pemeff will "pair" your SaaS with others that have a similar growth trajectory to show possible outcomes and how they can be achieved. E.g.: XYZ grew at the same rate as you until month 6, when they had a successful launch on Product Hunt which boosted their revenue 200%. ABC, however, had a large churn rate. Avoid this by avoiding their mistake.

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