A sample of what I make in my free time

Pemeff- Featured Shot


An AI-Assistant that gives actionable advice on how to grow your startup, based on metrics provided

Frobocode- Featured Shot


Fο»Ώrobocode is a an interactive text adventure course to help people learn to code in a fun way.

DailyLauncher- Featured Shot


DIY startpage builder. Keep your bookmarks beautifully organized. A browser extension built with ReactJs and Firebase

Lego Technic Mars Rover- Featured Shot

Lego Technic Mars Rover

A remote-controlled, 2.7kg model designed and built from scratch over the course of 5 months

CareerPather- Featured Shot


A tech career comparison tool built in ReactJs

Creative Coding- Featured Shot

Creative Coding

My experiments with Processing and programmatic art

Websocket Stock Exchange- Featured Shot

Websocket Stock Exchange

A simple stock exchange app to match buyers with sellers. Built with Java, Kafka, Bootstrap, Websockets

MARLAnts- Featured Shot


Training multiple reinforcement-learning agents to cooperatively build a tower

LifeSim- Featured Shot


A little toy inspired by Conway's Game of Life built in Lua

GoldGeld- Featured Shot


Playing around with LSTMs and commodity trading

Stranger Lights- Featured Shot

Stranger Lights

A geo-fenced lightswitch made with Arduino + Bluetooth + an Android app

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